Find some peace and quiet

On this page, you will find inspiration, tips and tricks linked to leading a happy, healthy life and improving your well-being.

There are a few film clips with simple yet effective physical exercises that don’t require any specific equipment. You will also find some audio clips guiding you to a calm state and helping your body recuperate.


Resistance band for increased well-being

Did you know that a movement break of as little as three minutes every half hour benefits our learning and can be positive for both memory and mood?


Now the resistance bands are on their way to the UK

To inspire everyday movement, resistance bands will be sent out during the month of March to all Handelsbanken's employees in the UK.
You will find more information under "Questions and answers" below, as well as exercise videos and posters with exercises in pdf format. 


Frequently asked questions and answers about resistance bands

How will the distribution of resistance bands be carried out?

The resistance bands will be sent to all Handelsbanken branches. Every Handelsbanken employee will receive a bag of three bands with different resistance levels. Each bag also includes a folder with information about the bands and the Staff Foundation.

The dispatches to the countries have been made. In UK they are expected to arrive during the spring.



What is the procedure if there is a shortage or surplus of bags?

Should there be a shortage of bands for Handelsbanken employees (after delivery), you can place a free-of-charge order via uk-facilities@handelsbanken.co.uk.

Employees at Handelsbanken in Norway please contact marte.mollerbrathen@handelsbanken.no


What is the best way to care for my resistance bands?

The bands are made of natural latex, which is non-toxic, vegan and skin-friendly. The bag is made of rPET material consisting of recycled plastic. The product is certified climate-neutral, and the focus is to be as sustainable and gentle on both humans and the environment.

To ensure your exercise bands retain their colour and function, we recommend you keep them indoors and out of direct sunlight. Please avoid contact with sharp objects, shoe soles and jewellery.

The bands can be hand-washed in lukewarm water and then hung to dry.

What is a safe way to use the bands?

Exercising with resistance bands is generally safe and harmless to the body, but you should always listen to your body to find out what works for you. A little bit of hard work is not a problem, but there should not be any pain.

The bands in the bag have three different resistance levels and you choose which one suits you best for each exercise.

Can I share the exercise film clips with others?

We have a licence for the music included in these programs that applies to our target audience, i.e. Handelsbanken employees and pensioners. The programs may not, therefore, be shared with others. This applies to all material on the Staff Foundation website.


Resistance bands

Here you will find short, simple programs with resistance bands. You can do the exercises anywhere, sitting or standing, and you can do them with your normal clothes. 

Mobility (4 min)                                                  

Mobility and strength (8 min)

Mobility, strength, stretching (12 min)

Energy and focus

We have put together 12 exercise programs to improve your well-being and boost your energy. The purpose is to help you stay calm and find more focus in your everyday life, whether at home or at work. The exercises are simple to follow and can be done anywhere. 

Exercise 1

Do you need inspiration for those short, much-needed breaks to recharge? Here you'll find some brief exercises with focus on energy and movement.

Exercise 2

Have you ever thought about your breathing? Since breathing happens automatically, we tend not to focus on it. Try this short breathing exercise to find out how your breathing is working at the moment.

Exercise 3

In this exercise, you’ll focus on your muscles, and whether they are tense or stressed, and you’ll get the chance to relax and experience an overall feeling of comfort throughout your body.

Exercise 4

Do you need inspiration for short activities that will give you energy and focus? Try these simple exercises. They only take six minutes, but the energy you gain will last much longer. This short program includes exercises which will increase circulation and flexibility in your body, as well as putting your muscles to work.

Exercise 5

Calm and soft movements that help your body and mind to relax.

Exercise 6

Exercises for focus and relaxation

Exercise 7

In this program you will become more aware of tension and anxiety and to do exercises for relaxation.

Exercise 8

This program includes exercises which will increase circulation and flexibility in your body, as well as muscle exercises.

Exercise 9

This program includes exercises that are good for relaxation and for increasing the flexibility in your shoulders, neck and jaw.

Exercise 10

In this program you will do exercises for self-compassion. You will practise treating yourself in the same kind way as you would treat a friend or a loved one.

Exercise 11

This program includes exercises which will increase circulation and flexibility in your body, as well as muscle exercises.

Exercise 12

This program includes exercises that are good for relaxation and for increasing the flexibility in your shoulders, neck and jaw.

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